Debate 2012 at Lynn University

October 22, 2012 • 9 P.M. EDT

2012 Presidential Debate Retrospective

  1. PlayIntroduction
  2. PlayHow Lynn University Snagged the Presidential Debate
    Lynn collaborates with the South Florida community to gain an edge in the selection process
  3. PlayDecision 2012 Comes to Lynn in October 2011
    Community leaders and Lynn faculty and staff react to the big news
  4. PlayThe Preparations Begin
    Lynn and its partners transform South Florida into an international political main stage
  5. PlayDebate Fever
    The community celebrates; Lynn creates a K-12 curriculum; students play the lottery for tickets
  6. PlayLynn’s Moment to Shine
    The big day through the eyes of those who were there; meeting the candidates; unforgettable moments

Presidential Debate Commemorative Photo Book
This exciting event has been memorialized in a commemorative photo book, now available for purchase. (Please note that your purchase does not benefit Lynn University in any way).