Debate 2012 at Lynn University

October 22, 2012 • 9 P.M. EDT

Eigth Grade

ACTIVITY 1 – Scoring the Debate

While watching the 2012 presidential debate or a previous debate, students will use the scoring card (see Appendix E) to determine which candidate did a better job. To score your debate scoring card, use the “How to grade the debate” form (see Appendix E).


ACTIVITY 2 – History of Constitutional changes

  • SS 8 C 1 6 Evaluate how amendments to the Constitution have expanded voting rights from our nation’s early history to present day.

Students, in groups or individually, will make a timeline of constitutional changes from our nation’s early history to today.


ACTIVITY 3 – Constitutional provisions for establishing citizenship

  • SS 8 C 1 1 Identify the Constitutional provisions for establishing citizenship.

The teacher will hold a class discussion on whether or not good citizenship should include voting and if we should be required to vote.

After the discussion, students will share their opinion during a presentation in the form of a paper, power point, prezi, etc.


ACTIVITY 4 – Campaign commercials

The teacher will show the class various campaign commercials and discuss them. They will talk about what catches the viewer’s eye and how they choose to represent their platforms through the commercials (positive versus negative vocabulary).

The students will be put into groups and create a commercial representing a candidate from the 2012 presidential debate and discuss their viewpoints.