Debate 2012 at Lynn University

October 22, 2012 • 9 P.M. EDT

Eleventh Grade

ACTIVITY 2 – Reforming the Electoral College

The students will, as a whole class, debate the Electoral College; examining the merits and problems associated with the current system and each of the proposed reforms (see Appendix H).

The students will propose an amendment to the Constitution to reform the system and vote on it as a class.


ACTIVITY 3 – Electoral College Campaign Strategy

  • SS 912 C 2 14 Evaluate the processes and results of an election at the state or federal level.

The students will examine the results of the 2008 Electoral College vote (see Appendix I) and those of the previous three electoral votes. The students will role-play a campaign manager and attempt to categorize all the states into one of the three categories below:
1) Red states – those states that lean Republican
2) Blue states – those states that lean Democratic
3) Purple states – those states that are unpredictable and to be evenly split

As campaign manager, decide whether you work for the Democratic nominee or Republican nominee, add up the states you feel confident your candidates will win and then identify which states you feel are the swing states where your candidate should devote serious campaign resources.