Debate 2012 at Lynn University

October 22, 2012 • 9 P.M. EDT

Tenth Grade

ACTIVITY 3 – E-Voting

The students will, working in small groups, discuss the topic of E- voting (electronic voting). Is this the wave of the future? Would it discriminate against those who do not have computers? Would it increase voter participation or be susceptible to fraud?

Each group will prepare a mock bill to introduce to Congress on the topic and share with the class.


ACTIVITY 4 – Presidential Requirements

The students will, in pairs or small groups, discuss the requirements for being eligible to be president of the United States (see Appendix H) and if they agree or disagree with those requirements.

They will then write a essay on what they feel the requirements should be; if different from the actual requirements, the student is to indicate what they would change and why. If they feel they should stay the same, then they are to write about why they feel this way.