Debate 2012 at Lynn University

October 22, 2012 • 9 P.M. EDT

Mock Presidential Debates

On Oct. 25 & Nov. 2, The Speech and Debate Team will host three mock presidential debates in the Amarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall in the de Hoernle International Center:

  • Republican Primary Debate: Thursday, Oct. 25 at 6 – 7 p.m., moderated by Joe Greaney, assistant professor in the College of Liberal Education
  • Democratic Primary Debate: Thursday, Oct. 25 at 7:30 – 8:30 p.m., moderated by Martin Phillips, assistant professor of multimedia journalism
  • Final Presidential Debate: Friday Nov. 2 at 7 – 8 p.m., moderated by Robert Watson, professor of American Studies

There are 4 – 5 candidates in each primary febate. The audience will vote for the winner for each. The 2 winners will enter the final presidential debate. And the audience again will vote for the winner. The debaters are members of Lynn University Speech & Debate Team participating in the 3 debates as if they are politicians running for President of the United States. The 3 debates include hot political topics such as the economy, job, taxation, health care, education, immigration, military/ homeland security, etc.

The debates serve as fundraising for Speech & Debate Team to compete in Forensics Tournament in spring semester as well as a civic engagement to promote the real presidential debate on campus on Oct. 22.

Tickets will be sold at the door for $10 per ticket. CASH ONLY. For $10, you can watch both the Republican Primary Debate and the Democratic Primary Debate because they take place on the same date. With another $10, you can watch the final Presidential Debate.